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10 Things Every Home Office In Perth Should Include

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  1. Adequate lighting

Good lighting is an important part of any new home office.  Poor lighting in the home office can lead to headaches and eye strain from squinting or using lighting that makes it difficult to read.  It is also beneficial to have some natural light in a home office.

2. Ergonomic furniture

When selecting a new home office, people need to consider ergonomic rules.  It is beneficial to splurge on a comfortable ergonomic chair that provides comfort in the home office. The top of the computer screen should be kept at eye level or a little bit below.  The computer keyboard should be positioned so that forearms are parallel to the floor.  The office chair should be adjusted so that feet rest firmly on the floor.

3. High-speed broadband

I think most people would have to agree that high-speed internet would have to be one of the most important parts of a home office.  A good internet connection keeps people just a click away from all the tools they need to help run their business.  Most Perth home offices require multiple devices and so fast internet service is a must.

4. Creative storage solutions

There’s nothing more off-putting than trying to work on a desk that is covered in papers!  An organised home office is a productive home office so it is important to include plenty of handy storage ideas in a new home office. Wall storage, magazine type racks, or tray stacks are all great things to include in a new home office.

5. Some comfy space

Sometimes, even the most productive work days require a little bit of relaxation time. A well-designed home office should include a nice comfortable chair or couch where people can think, relax, have a coffee or read a book.

6. Add something green

A plant of some sort is an important addition to a home office that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Not only does a pot plant look great, it also has a positive effect on peoples mood.

7. Personalise it

A great way to personalise a home office is to add something personal like family photos.  This will also add some decoration and colour to a home office. Souvenirs, personal mementoes, or funny motivational cartoons are another way to personalise a home office and keep it interesting.

8. Surge protectors

Most people that have a home office in Perth have invested a fair amount of money in expensive electrical devices and equipment.  Surge protectors offer a really simple way to protect all of that expensive electrical equipment in the case of damaging electrical storms.

9. Filling system

A filing system is a perfect place to store and organise all the important files and documents that come with a home office.    While most things are stored electronically nowadays, there is still a need for a filing system to store hard copies.

10. Shelving

Shelving is generally needed in all home offices.  Ideally, shelving should go all the way from the floor to the ceiling to maximise storage space.  Not only does shelving look great, it also offers plenty of storage in a home office, which is always needed.

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June 27, 2018