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Home Office Perth
February 12, 2019

Whether you are working in a commercial office or you work remotely from your home, you need to be comfortable and safe in your working environment.

For those of you who work in any office, there are some very simple steps to take to…

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Home Office Perth
January 30, 2019

Have you been sharing your home office with the kids during the extended summer holidays?

Well, finally the holidays are over and the kids are going back to school in Perth, WA and it is time to find a solution for the kids to…

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Home office Perth
January 22, 2019

Many people now choose to work from home as an alternative to spending valuable time commuting daily in traffic.

Here in Perth, WA, people’s work lives have changed dramatically with many homeowners now working from their home office.


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Home Office Perth
January 10, 2019

Flexi custom home offices will help you to streamline your business in Perth by providing you with a work space to suit your individual business needs.

Every business needs a well designed work space and office. It is important to establish what office…

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Home Offices Perth
January 9, 2019

Why are more people working from home offices in Perth?

Well for a start, the term “Workplace“ could be a variety of places, including a designated space in a person’s private home. It is common for some employees to work mainly from
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Home Offices Perth
December 21, 2018

Most homes in Western Australia have a home office of some description.

Apart from an ideal space to pay household accounts and keep important documents safe, it is now a lifestyle choice if you decide to work from home.