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Home offices Perth
September 12, 2018

Home offices in Perth are fast becoming one of the standard requirements when building a new home.

There are many modern households which have the main bread winner working from an allocated area in the residence which serves as the workplace.

To function efficiently, the designated work space must have…

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Custom Office
August 24, 2018

More and more people in Perth are choosing to invest in a new home office.  A home office is a useful addition to any home in Perth. Flexi Home Offices in Perth makes the whole process easy for the homeowner.  Most people are amazed at…

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Custom Office
August 17, 2018

A home office is a valuable addition to any Perth home.  It is great to have a designated area for work or study that is separate from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.  Many people make the assumption that a spare…

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August 12, 2018

Working from home offers so many benefits, especially in terms of flexibility. Many people think that working from home permanently is the perfect solution to work-life balance.  To successfully work from home, people need discipline, balance, motivation and a well set up the home office! So whats…

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Custom Office Perth
August 7, 2018

The team at Flexi Home Offices in Perth takes the time to understand their customers home office needs.  Their goal is to create and design the perfect home office and furniture to suit the customers home and lifestyle.  Everyone has different needs when it comes…

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Home Office Perth
July 30, 2018

It’s easy adding a Home Office to a Perth home with Flexi Home Offices.  Flexi Home Offices in Perth has been designing, building and installing beautifully functional home and corporate offices for the people of Perth since 2001.  They are proud to have developed a reputation…

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home office Perth
July 16, 2018

Working from home is becoming more and more popular for many Perth people.  Working from a home office offers a number of advantages over commuting to work every day.  It offers a certain amount of flexibility in work hours which is great for people with…

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Home Office Perth
July 11, 2018

Most people need a home office in their Perth home.  Just about everyone brings work home at some stage during their career.  Some people use a home office to sort out their bills and do their correspondence.  There are also those lucky people that…

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home office perth
July 3, 2018

A home office is a popular addition to many Perth homes.  Not only do they look great, they can also add to the value of a home.  Adding a home office to a Perth home is possible, no matter how big or small the house…

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June 27, 2018
  1. Adequate lighting

Good lighting is an important part of any new home office.  Poor lighting in the home office can lead to headaches and eye strain from squinting or using lighting that makes it difficult to read.  It is also beneficial to have…

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