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Amazing Home Office Ideas

The home office is becoming more and more popular, as our lifestyles are continually changing. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past two decades, which means that your house style may no longer suit your family’s needs.

These days a lot of us work from our homes and this in itself demands that we have a designated place in our homes where we can work from. We need a home office that we can lock at the end of the day. This is important to have separation between workplace and our family living place. A great home office is out of the way from all the hustle and bustle of the household. Ideally it would be situated at either the very front of your residence to allow for privacy when receiving clients , or at the back of your property where a private entrance allows for your visiting clients.

Multi Purpose Home Office Space

The space in the spare bedroom could also be utilised to serve multiple uses with some clever office storage and home office design ideas. This is a great size to include a couple of desks for the kids to do homework and study, as well as a place for mum to do her household bills. Keeping mum and the kids away from the business home office is a great idea to make sure that stationery and other office paraphernalia stay in the home office.

Home office storage space is essential. It would be wonderful to have a home office storage space dedicated to all of our office stationery, books and the phone fax etc. A spare bedroom is an ideal space to create a good sized multi purpose home office. This is a great place to speak privately on the phone, do a crossword puzzle or do nothing, just relax. So let’s take a look at 3 different home office designs, which will fulfil each of these needs.

1. A home Office For Your Business Or Home Office Storage

It is no longer practicable to try and work with your laptop on the kitchen benchtop. Home office designs have come a long way and now you can have your own dedicated home office, designed to suit all of your business needs.

If you need a large office computer desk with enough room for multiple screens, your fax, phone and printer then that is exactly what we can design for you at home.

2. Study Area For The Kids

When you have two or more children all having to study at home in the evenings or at home on the the weekend they really need a quiet place to be. The distractions from the TV and noisy pets creates a problem for those studying. The perfect solution is to have the study area in a separate room whith a the home.

Clever designs now include a dedicated study ( or home office) for the kids so that they can be tucked away safely at home without any distractions, until they have finished their home studies.
In a study at home you can have one long computer table that runs the length of the room with multiple computer points or individual desks for each child. We can create and install your office or home study for you within a very time.

3. A Library

Do you need a quiet spot in your home to read the newspaper without being disturbed? Maybe just somewhere you can read your favourite books?

Today modern home office ideas can be customised to give you exactly what you need from an office at home. Whether you need more office storage in your home, or if you want a quiet reading nook in one part, Flexi can put your ideas in action at a great price.

For the best home office designs in Perth, call Flexi Home Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will arrange a time for a home visit.

February 2, 2017