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Creating A Home Office To Suit The Whole Family

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Most Perth families lead busy lives.  The parents work, the kids are at school and that’s not to mention all the after school activities.  With the hectic lifestyle that has become a normal part of most Perth homes, it has never been more important to try to create some organisation. Adding a home office to a Perth home can create organisation and reduce chaos.  A home office can be useful for family members of all ages and occupation.  Younger children may use the home office as a craft room, older children may use the home office for homework and parents can use the home office for work or study.   Here are some tips for creating a home office to suit the whole family:

Make it colourful

Why not make the home office more attractive to children by adding a splash of colour? This can be as simple of adding colourful furniture or rugs to the home office, or as complicated as painting the walls or adding colourful curtains.

A T-shaped desk

A T-shaped desk is a great way to maximise the workspace without cluttering the home office. A T-shaped desk in the home office can provide as many as 4 separate workstations, enough space for mum, dad and 2 kids!

Multiple workstations

If the whole family is sharing the home office, separate workstations are a must!  Separate workstations will allow privacy and maintain harmony in the home office.  Each workstation should include a separate work area, storage, furniture and office equipment.

Craft area

If there are young children in the home, a separate craft area is a great addition to a new home office in Perth.  Separate craft areas allow children to be creative and use their imagination without interrupting important work or study.  An important part of any craft station is adequate storage for all the bits and pieces that kids love to use in their endeavours!

Hallway office

Some Perth homes don’t have the extra room for a study.  In this case, a hallway home office can work nicely.   A hallway home office can be as simple as adding a long desk along the hallway, with shelving up above for storage.


The key to a great home office is keeping it organised!  A clutter-free, clean, spacious home office is so much better to work in than a cramped, dirty office.  An organised home office also allows people to be more productive in their work as they don’t have to waste time trying to find things.  When designing a home office, it is important to create specific places and storage for everything so that the home office remains organised.

Tech station

When creating a home office for the family, it is often a good idea to establish a tech station.  A tech station is a designated area for technology, which has never been more important in a home office than it is now.  If there are young children in the house, it is a good idea to keep the tech station at a high level to keep grubby fingers away from expensive technology!

Storage – both high and low

The home office isn’t complete without adequate storage. When designing a home office suitable for the family, it is important to have plenty of storage, both high and low.  Low storage in the home office can be used to store products for younger children, whereas the higher storage can be used to store other products that you would prefer to keep out of reach of kids.

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June 1, 2018