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Home Office Designs For Work At Home Mums

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The Perfect Home Office For Mums

At Flexi Offices, we have the perfect office designs for work at home mums who look after the family and kids, as well as running their own small business. When you wear so many hats, it is imperative that you bring some serious organisation to your life and your working day is no different.

Once the kids are off to day care or school, you need to have a designated space where you can focus on your work, before everyone lands on you again in the afternoon. Our home office designs are customised to your specific needs, so if you have a little one still at home all day with you, then we can organise your office so you have enough room for a cot or a playpen as well.

3 Benefits Of Customised Home Office Designs

We have an endless supply of office designs from the purely functional (but still stylish) to those with high end finishes and all of the bells and whistles. Whatever your budget, we can design an office that perfectly suits your home living and your work needs.

  1. Style: Whatever your budget, you want a home office that is stylish and looks good. Of course it has to have all of your work needs, such as computers, printers, filing cabinets or display cases, and furniture but it also has to appeal to your taste ideas. So if you want hardwood floors, beautiful artwork on the walls and a timber display cabinet for your product samples, our home office designs will give you exactly what you want.
  2. Function: A good looking office space is nothing unless you have everything you need to accomplish your work throughout the day. So if you want a compact computer station, but lots of separate table space to work on your designs, then we can create a selection of ideal office designs that will be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you want a huge computer desk with room for two large screens, a printer and phone or even multiple work stations, we can do all that as well.
  3. Comfort: If you are not comfortable in your working area, then we haven’t done our best. We realise that you need a comfortable computer chair and desk combination, but there is much more to comfort than just a chair and desk. We know that you need to feel the ambiance in your work area, so we take on board your own taste, inspiration and your views on office designs, coming up with the perfect office space, designed exclusively for you.

After all, you spend a lot of your time in your home office, so it needs to appeal to your senses, as well as being functional and stylish. For more information on our home office designs, call Flexi Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

May 24, 2016