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Practical Home Office Ideas

home office ideas

In the modern home in Perth today there is usually an office or study. In each home, the home office will play a different role, from computer room, to kids play room or the family business home office.

Regardless of what the room is used for, generally the home office is a busy room in the household and used by most family members. Sometimes the home office is decked out with office desk, office storage cupboards and dated metal office filing cabinets.

This home office design may not suit everyone and so we need to look at some home office storage ideas that will make the home office space in your home much more functional for the running of your business.


Some answers to frequently asked questions in Perth on how to design a home office with clever storage solutions room ideas.


Q) I’m unsure of where to start to create a home office from my spare room at home.

A) You need to decide if the home office is a room where you do the family bills and use the computer or if you will work run a business from your home office.

You may need a more executive feel if you have clients that come to your home or you might need a lot of office storage space, office furniture, office shelving space for files.

If you have children school at home you might need to design multiple office work areas so the kids can complete their homework without the distraction of the TV or other family members. Flexi Home office Perth, offer free home visit services where you can discuss your office furniture needs. The furniture craftsmen at Flexi will create the perfect office desk and storage cabinets and furniture suitable for your particular needs.

Q) I’d like to set up an “Internet Zone Office” for my family.


A) Ensure your desk is situated so that the computer monitor is facing outwards, so that passers-by can easily view what’s happening on screen. This will help parents keep an eye on what the kids are looking at online.


Q) I run a business from home and I need a room that is practical but also presentable for clients to see.


A) Clever design ideas suggest opting for an office desk with a conference end. This clever furniture not only adds desk space in the room, but also provides a secondary seating area for clients.

Q) What design ideas would ensure I don’t have my electronic cables running all over the floor.


A) You may need multiple computers, printers, scanners, ,fax machines, modems and a vast array of other office equipment that all need power. If you are happy to add extra power outlets, you can potentially design your seating area first and then work out the location of the other office equipment based on this.

By adding a cable tray underneath your desk, so that cables can run along the desk off the floor and not cause a trip hazard!


Q) What design ideas suggest how to increase desk space but not lose any storage?


A) Movable tower holders and pull out printer shelves sit under the desk. Overhead cupboards are a great home office design idea.


Flexi’s experienced designers can help you design a custom home office to suit your needs and budget. Why not call Flexi today on 9301 4200 to make an appointment or stop by one of our state of the art showrooms in Myaree and Joondalup?

October 13, 2016