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For those of us who have jobs that require us to work from our homes, it is very important that we have a designated area for this purpose.

We need to be able to be away from all the distractions of the home in an area where we are able to do our work without interruption.
It is also very important that our home office area has all our office paperwork and equipment close by within easy reach.

We really do need to consider if the way we are working is allowing us to produce our best work results. If we were somewhere else in a regular office, would our work results be different?

This is a serious consideration as many people working from home, tend to be distracted by what is going on around them in the house, family members popping in and asking can you do something for them or worse still asking you to drive somewhere. This is not ideal and you or your work.

If you want to optimise your work output and get your family to recognise that your really are working from home, you need a professional home office design to work from.

Home Office Design Tips

1. The ideal location for your home office is close to the entry of your house. This is good when you have a client or colleague come to see you. Having your home office close to the entry allows you to receive visitors without them walking through the rest of your home. If your work does not involve seeing clients, then a room anywhere in the house will be suitable.
Another good idea is to convert your garage into office space. This works very well if you have room on your property to build a carport for your car if necessary.

2. Make sure you have a lockable door to your home office. Most of us have little people around us who love to look and touch things. Any things!! Things that include paper to draw on, any paper, especially our fax or printer paper. Then of course the pens, the stapler, the sticky tape, the liquid white out. If you do not want your home office used as the kid’s stationery supply room, get a lock on the door. It won’t be long before the little folk realize that your office is out of bounds.

3. Make sure that you do not have a tangle mess of extension cords running across your office floor, this is an accident waiting to happen. Try to have your electronic gear in the one area where you have easy access without stepping over the cords.

4. Good lighting and fresh are often overlooked when it comes to the home office. We all need to be enjoying fresh air and appropriate lighting during the day. These are home office design tips that will make your working day much more comfortable.

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January 12, 2017