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The Flexi Home Office

At Flexi Home Offices we have been creating exceptional home office ideas for both the hobby enthusiast and professional business people.

With our many home office design ideas and home office layouts, to choose from, we can customise your home office space to suit your exact home office design needs. A cleverly planned home office space gives you the necessary psychological barrier between your office work life and your home life.

Residential Home Office Design Ideas

There are a lot of home office ideas in magazines, you can easily add these office ideas to your own home office.
We can take your office ideas and turn them into a smart, functional and comfortable home office that is perfect for working from your home.

It is not ideal to run your business from a laptop on the kitchen bench and certainly this can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and not being as productive as you could be. A dedicated home office space is essential in your home for the success of any home business, so let’s take a look at some home office and office storage space ideas that might work for you in your home office space.

7 Essential Home Office Storage & Beautiful Home Office Furniture Ideas

Professional: You need a home office space that looks professional and reflects your brand whether or not clients visit your home office.

Functional: You need your home office room to be practical and functional. Your own home office ideas come into play, because we can incorporate your personal home office ideas into your new office, to create your own unique home office space.

Ergonomic: Suitable size and comfortable office desk, adjustable office desk chair and comfy chairs for visitors, are an essential element in your new home office. On your list of home office furniture ideas, make sure to include an adjustable computer chair and a desk with enough space in the room and at the right height to be comfortable for your height.

Clever design: If you need a stand-up computer desk, a graphics table or wall to wall shelving to display your products, we can use our exceptional home office design skills to give you a clever layout that includes all of these elements.

Optimising small office spaces: We make sure to maximise the use of available space, so your home office is comfortable and has everything you need to run your business from home.

Matching décor: We make sure that your new home office cabinets, shelves and all of the furnishings match the current décor of the office space and also your home.

Customised: By bringing in the experts to design and install your new office, you will have the perfect office space to run your business at home. At Flexi Home Offices, we give you a custom made home office design that will help you to focus on your work and build your business at home.

So if you are ready to discuss your home office ideas with the experts, call us at Flexi Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

October 20, 2016