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Work From Your Perth Home In A Smart Office

Home Office Perth

Working lives in Perth, Australia have changed dramatically over the past twenty years, with many homeowners now working from a designated office in their homes.

Some people work remotely a few days a week and others run their own home-based business or an online business from their residential property.

To optimise work production from a home office, it is important to keep all office equipment separate from the rest of the home.

It makes sense that you want to close the door on your work at the end of the day and focus on your family life.

Problems can arise when you don’t have a real designated space with suitable storage.

Office Design Ideas For Perth Homes

Flexi in Perth, design, manufacture and install beautifully functional home offices with innovative storage solutions.

Whatever your work or study needs, Flexi have three different ranges for your office storage.

Flexi Organiser office: These compact office or study nooks, can also be used when you are on a limited budget and want a complete office storage area in a separate room. Many clients begin with the organiser package and then add extras or more high quality finishes to their Perth office.

Flexi Professional office: This office option is for people with a larger budget or a separate space for their office. You might have multiple users or need lots of storage or desk space, because you may be running a home-based business or work equipment storage a few days a week.

Flexi Executive office: Ideal if you really have an unlimited budget and want a separate office at your property in Perth, including high-end finishes and premium quality timbers, for example.

With Flexi’s Executive range, clients can expect a clean and comfortable design with quality cabinetry and furniture.

Whichever type of office you select, Flexi will come out to your home and design the perfect office, to suit your needs and budget.

All cabinetry is designed by master craftsmen, therefore even the basic Organiser range is far superior to any flat-pack product available in Perth.

Flexi Home Office Design and storage is the right choice for your business for many reasons including:

So contact the team from Flexi Office Designs on 08 9301 4200 to arrange a time for a home visit.

April 29, 2019