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Individual Home Office Designs

If you are struggling to work in a space at home that does not allow you to perform at your best, It may be time to look at your needs and consider some new office ideas and designs.

You need to understand what it is that you need to in an ideal work space. If you know what you need then you are off to good start.

Of course there are a lot of things you may want that are not really necessary, and so it all comes down to your budget.

Affordable Home Office Design Ideas

Here at Flexi our team are very experienced and with our very happy customers coming back to us time after time for the renovation projects, it is no wonder that we are very proud of our products and service. Customer service is an integral part of our business. We have been designing and creating quality custom made furniture for many satisfied customers throughout WA.

Smart Home Office Designs To Suit Your Lifestyle

At Flexi we understand customer’s office and office furniture needs. We have been bringing to life their home office decor ideas for more than 15 years.

We have seen a large increase in the number of people looking to create a home office that is:

1. Professional
2. Functional
3. Ergonomic

We are the specialists and our clever designs make the most out of all available space.

Our modern decorating ideas are styled to complement your decor.

We take into account the needs and professionalism of those who will work in the office space.

Our home office storage solutions will not only address your home office furniture storage needs, but will also include those extras that you may not have thought about. These are the home office details that really make our offices stand out above the rest.

It is our customer service, unique designs and genuine care that brings people back to us, year after year.

We will come to your home to measure and quote, not an ordinary “measure and quote” something much more accurate. Your design idea will be brought to life before your eyes using our state-of-the-art 3D design software. You can take a virtual tour around the space and see how it will work in your room.

Change the colour or the style and immediately see the impact.

This is a great way to see exactly what is is that you want and need in your office space.

You can include some of our unique storage space ideas, change storage cabinets and desk surfaces.

Make your appointment today. Call us on (08) 9301 4200 and turn your ideas into reality.

Do yourself a favour, come and visit one of our showrooms and talk to our friendly staff.

Professional Home Office Design

For those of us who have jobs that require us to work from our homes, it is very important that we have a designated area for this purpose.

We need to be able to be away from all the distractions of the home in an area where we are able to do our work without interruption.
It is also very important that our home office area has all our office paperwork and equipment close by within easy reach.

We really do need to consider if the way we are working is allowing us to produce our best work results. If we were somewhere else in a regular office, would our work results be different?

This is a serious consideration as many people working from home, tend to be distracted by what is going on around them in the house, family members popping in and asking can you do something for them or worse still asking you to drive somewhere. This is not ideal and you or your work.

If you want to optimise your work output and get your family to recognise that your really are working from home, you need a professional home office design to work from.

Home Office Design Tips

1. The ideal location for your home office is close to the entry of your house. This is good when you have a client or colleague come to see you. Having your home office close to the entry allows you to receive visitors without them walking through the rest of your home. If your work does not involve seeing clients, then a room anywhere in the house will be suitable.
Another good idea is to convert your garage into office space. This works very well if you have room on your property to build a carport for your car if necessary.

2. Make sure you have a lockable door to your home office. Most of us have little people around us who love to look and touch things. Any things!! Things that include paper to draw on, any paper, especially our fax or printer paper. Then of course the pens, the stapler, the sticky tape, the liquid white out. If you do not want your home office used as the kid’s stationery supply room, get a lock on the door. It won’t be long before the little folk realize that your office is out of bounds.

3. Make sure that you do not have a tangle mess of extension cords running across your office floor, this is an accident waiting to happen. Try to have your electronic gear in the one area where you have easy access without stepping over the cords.

4. Good lighting and fresh are often overlooked when it comes to the home office. We all need to be enjoying fresh air and appropriate lighting during the day. These are home office design tips that will make your working day much more comfortable.

If you would like to chat to us about your home office design needs, please give us a call . Our team here at Flexi are more than happy to be of help to you. Contact us on 08 9301 4200

A Smart Home Office Design Will Change Your Lifestyle

Over the past few years, a Perth home office has become increasingly popular and important to many home owners, you can see how quickly our lives and priorities have changed.

A few years ago, a Perth home office wasn’t on our wish list. Mainly because most people left their homes to go to work. Today however, there is an increasing number of home owners who are realising that lifestyle and quality of life are more important. People are now changing the way they work and their priorities, they either start their own home based business or work remotely in a home office for an employer.

These lifestyle changes require a professional home office space in Perth, as this is still your place of work and you need the right type of work environment to help you focus.

Home Office Location

1. When you work on the kitchen bench or with a laptop on your knee in the living room is not the best location for your home office. You need a lockable home office space, where you can be left alone in peace and quiet to work.

The best home office space to work from in your Perth residence is close to the front entrance of your home. This will allow your clients or customers to come into your home office without moving through the rest of your home. At the same time you keep your home living space private.

2. The next best location is at the back of your home, if there is another entrance at the rear that doesn’t involve clients walking through your house.

3. You can erect a separate building or granny flat in their back yard to be used as a home office.

4. The conversion of the garage into a home office if there is alternate parking.

Any room that can be easily converted into your home office is suitable if you do not have customers or clients coming to see you. Importantly you really want the home office to have a door that can be closed to reduce noise levels and keep little fingers from tampering or drawing all over your business documents.

When completed and organised, you can settle down in your home office and enjoy your perfect lifestyle. No more travelling to work, and now you can spend more quality time at home with your loved ones.

For more information on our Perth home office designs, call Flexi Home Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Home Office Designs

Home offices are becoming more and more popular, as our lifestyles continually change. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades, which means that your home may no longer suit your growing family’s needs.

We no longer all go out to work, many of us work remotely from our residences.

We need extra space for our children to study and to complete their homework, somewhere out of the way from all the noise and distractions of the household.

Also it would be wonderful to have a space dedicated to all of our books and a peaceful spot to read.

Affordable Designs To meet Your Needs

Here are three different home office design ideas, which will fulfil each of these needs already mentioned

1. A home office for your business or for working remotely

It is no longer practicable to balance your laptop on the kitchen bench-top when you have to work at home. Now you can have your own dedicated home office space, custom designed to suit all of your needs.

If you need office furniture, storage for the paperwork, a large computer desk with enough room for multiple screens, your fax, phone and printer and suitable lighting, then that is exactly what we can design for you.

2. A study area for the kids

Even with one child studying, finding enough peace and quiet for them to study can be a problem. So today’s home office layouts now include a dedicated study area for the children so that they can be tucked away safely without any distractions.
In your home office, you can have one long computer table that runs the length of the room with multiple computer points or individual desks for each child. Whatever needs you feel will work best for your children and for your space, we can design, create and install for you within a very short period of time.

3. A library and quiet reading room

A home office can be customised to give you exactly what you want, so if you want a quiet reading space in one part of the family room or an entire room fitted out to your specifications, then that is exactly what our team at Flexi we will do for you.

Experienced designers for the best results

The team at Flexi have decades of experience designing, building and installing home offices. We understand the complexities of designing for the needs of today while keeping in mind the technological advances of tomorrow.

We always aim to give you a result that both delights and supports you in your work.

Contact us today on (08) 9301 4200 and find out why some of Perth’s best business minds choose Flexi home offices.

You Need A Workable Home Office Design

Let’s talk about Home Office Design in a modern family home. The home office design is one of the most important rooms in the residence today.

Mum, dad and the kids all need to have a space that is dedicated to all those hi tech communication gizmos. Somewhere the kids can do their homework, mum can skype nana and keep her in the loop with what is happening with the family.

Most homes today have internet, desk top computer, lap top, I pad, note pads, printer, fax, scanner etc etc. These items need to be in a dedicated space, to prevent the need to be carting them around the house, plugging them in, unplugging them again, this is all wear and tear and not good for some of the more sensitive equipment.

Working From The Home Office

It is very clear that for anyone who needs to work from their residences, that they need a designated lockable home office that is specific for their business needs and then another study area for everyone else to access.

Flexi home office designer can custom build a compact computer space and study nook, with smart storage furniture using the space of a pantry.

Flexi Home Office Designs

If you do not have a spare room or space and are wondering what other office storage ideas are available to you, give the team at Flexi Home Office Designs in Perth a call.

Flexi have a team of professional designers. They will be happy to chat to you about your home office designs and your particular needs. Your home office spaces can be discussed in the comfort of your own home. You can discuss your home office  ideas in your home that could include an office or study nook area.

Home Office Designs For All Budgets

Flexi Office Designs in Perth, have several home office options for all budgets.

Flexi home office designers have been working with clientele since the turn of the century.

The team at Flexi have decades of experience designing, building and installing home offices. Flexi understand the complexities of designing today’s needs while keeping in mind the technological advances of tomorrow.

The vast range of home office designs and styles means Flexi will always be able to custom build a home office design to suit your décor.

Make your appointment for a free consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Contact Flexi Home Office Designs today on (08) 9301 4200 and let them create a design that will work for you.

Get Your Home Office Designs Right

Get Your Home Office Designs Right

The home office is fast becoming one of the most important rooms in the family residence today. This can be largely attributed to the amount of electronic and technical equipment available today for various media communications.

Most houses today have internet, desk top computer, lap top, I pad, note pads, printer, fax, scanner etc etc.

Everyone needs to be using at least one of these on a daily basis. The kids will be wanting to print out their homework, mum needs to scan and print the recipe she just found on line, dad really needs to print out the forms he just received via email, teenage daughter is skyping the new boyfriend and oh dear…who used up all the printer paper and ink for making those coloured birthday invitations and so on and so on.

It is very clear that for anyone who needs to work from their residences, that they need a designated lockable space that is specifically designed for their business and then another study nook for everyone else to access for their various needs.

Flexi home office designs can custom build a compact computer and small storage furniture station using the space of a linen cupboard. This station would keep unwanted visitors out of the office and solve the problem of disappearing office stationary.

Reasons Why The Right Home Office Designs Will Impact Your Work

  • Put you into the right frame of mind to work in
  • Separate your personal living space from your work life
  • Organised work space with private client file storage furniture
  • Privacy for business meetings or customer service
  • Lockable room for security

Home Office Designs For The Student

If you need a designated quiet work space for someone who is studying or doing a project, the student needs to be able to concentrate and get inspiration without being disturbed by the rest of the household. You need a home office including a lockable door, a desk with drawers to keep safe any memory sticks or other “borrowable” items, storage shelves, good lighting, power outlet close to where electronic equipment is and good ventilation.

All of the home office designs mentioned above can be a reality with the quick conversion of a spare room into a study.

Flexi Home Office Ideas

If you do not have a spare room and are wondering what other home office designs are available to you, give the team at Flexi Home Office Designs in Perth a call.

Flexi are the experts in home office designs and will be happy to chat to you about your home office needs. Their professional team will come to your home and look at what areas in your home you may have that could be easily converted to include a home office or study nook area.

Home Office Designs For All Budgets

Flexi Home Office Designs in Perth, have several home office options for all budgets.

Flexi designers have been working with astute office clientele since the turn of the century.

The team at Flexi Home Office Designs have decades of experience designing, building and installing home offices. They understand the complexities of designing today’s needs while keeping in mind the technological advances of tomorrow.

Contact Flexi today on (08) 9301 4200 and find out why some of Perth’s best business minds choose Flexi.

Tips On Bringing Your Home Office Designs To Life

The Home Office Now A must

There are lots of great office designs available in magazines and in display centres, because more and more people are realising the benefit of having a designated office at home.

People who run their own business from home, part-time or full-time, are the obvious proponents of good home office designs. However, many families are now realising that a room set aside as a combination home office and study is the ideal way to keep their home organised.

With so many of us having our own desktop computers, laptops, iPads and gaming computers, along with all of the paraphernalia that goes along with this equipment, keeping it all tidy and out of sight is important. Most families want to have their family rooms and bedrooms free of computer equipment, which makes a home office/study the perfect solution.

Tips On Optimising Your Office Designs

With so many conflicting ideas for your new office, the best solution is to write a list of all the non-negotiables for your space. When you do this, you remove the non-essential designs from your mind and focus in on what you really need.

So if you need multiple work stations so everyone in your family can have their own computer space, then this might be at the top of your list. On the other hand, you might want a home office for your business with one large desk, filing cabinets and open shelving to display your products.

Home Office Experts

Home office designs can also include comfortable seating for clients, a large table for assembling your products, a gift wrapping station or lots of open wall space to display your products. There are so many different uses for this useful room in the home and everyone has different needs, which is why bringing in the experts is so important.

At Flexi Offices, we can take a look at all of your office designs and once we understand your non-negotiables, we can design you an office that will be perfect for your requirements and your budget.

Once we have the layout organised, then it is up to you to decide whether you want high-end finishes in your office or you want to conserve your budget. Since we design and manufacture all of your office furniture, whatever your budget, you can be sure that your office will perfectly suit your home’s decor, even if your budget is limited.

So if your head is filled with lots of home office designs why not give us a call at Flexi offices and we will help you to decide the best layout for your new home office. You are welcome to call us at Flexi Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.


How To Bring Your Home Office Designs To Life

The Home Office

There are lots of home office designs available online, but most of us need a office at home or a study that is customised to our way of living. Ten years ago, we made do with the spare room and an old desk, but our lifestyles have radically changed and now we demand more from our homes than ever before.

Home office designs go way beyond a simple desk today, so when you are investing in renovations, it is vital that you make a list of all of your office needs, right at the start. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on a new office and realise that it really doesn’t work well for you at all. This means that bringing in a professional designer to give you advice and inspiration at the start of the planning process, and then help you to get the best possible layout in your available space for your needs. This will always pay off in the end.

Step One – Think About The Layout Of Your Home Office

Your office needs to accommodate all of the necessary furniture, such as your desk, filing cabinets, shelves and your computer chair. So when you are considering different home office designs, consider the size of the desk you need and the computer chair, making sure that there is enough room for you to move around easily.

You might also need to include display shelves for products, if you run a home based business, and extra chairs for when customers or suppliers visit. Sometimes you might need extra work stations for casual workers as well.

Step Two – Consult The Professionals

Once you know what you need in your office, the next step is to call in a specialist who can give you a few different home office designs, based on your budget and your needs. This will give you a number of options, some of which you might not have considered, but which in retrospect turn out to be great options for you.

At Flexi Offices, we create your office or study to perfectly suit your needs and keep it within your budget. We have been designing offices for years and we know how to put everything together, so that you have the ideal space for your needs.

Our home office designs are all customised to our customer’s individual requirements and we can offer you a variety of ideas and options for different budgets as well. So if you want a budget conscious office space or one with high end finishes and all the bells and whistles, we can do that for you with no problem.

With our design skills, you will have the ideal office space at home in no time at all. To make an appointment with our specialists to discuss your home offices designs, call us at Flexi Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Home Office Designs For Work At Home Mums

The Perfect Home Office For Mums

At Flexi Offices, we have the perfect office designs for work at home mums who look after the family and kids, as well as running their own small business. When you wear so many hats, it is imperative that you bring some serious organisation to your life and your working day is no different.

Once the kids are off to day care or school, you need to have a designated space where you can focus on your work, before everyone lands on you again in the afternoon. Our home office designs are customised to your specific needs, so if you have a little one still at home all day with you, then we can organise your office so you have enough room for a cot or a playpen as well.

3 Benefits Of Customised Home Office Designs

We have an endless supply of office designs from the purely functional (but still stylish) to those with high end finishes and all of the bells and whistles. Whatever your budget, we can design an office that perfectly suits your home living and your work needs.

  1. Style: Whatever your budget, you want a home office that is stylish and looks good. Of course it has to have all of your work needs, such as computers, printers, filing cabinets or display cases, and furniture but it also has to appeal to your taste ideas. So if you want hardwood floors, beautiful artwork on the walls and a timber display cabinet for your product samples, our home office designs will give you exactly what you want.
  2. Function: A good looking office space is nothing unless you have everything you need to accomplish your work throughout the day. So if you want a compact computer station, but lots of separate table space to work on your designs, then we can create a selection of ideal office designs that will be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you want a huge computer desk with room for two large screens, a printer and phone or even multiple work stations, we can do all that as well.
  3. Comfort: If you are not comfortable in your working area, then we haven’t done our best. We realise that you need a comfortable computer chair and desk combination, but there is much more to comfort than just a chair and desk. We know that you need to feel the ambiance in your work area, so we take on board your own taste, inspiration and your views on office designs, coming up with the perfect office space, designed exclusively for you.

After all, you spend a lot of your time in your home office, so it needs to appeal to your senses, as well as being functional and stylish. For more information on our home office designs, call Flexi Offices on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Home Office Designs For Online Marketers

Your Home Office

When you decide to become an online marketer, you need to seriously consider the different home office designs that are available, because you need to create a dedicated home office space for your home business.

Running an online business full-time or even part-time from your home is no fun when you have to work off the kitchen bench or balance your laptop on your knee in the family room. Of course, there are some people who wouldn’t even consider home office designs, because they like the freedom of not having an office.

Flexi Home Office Designs For Online Marketers

At the very least, most home office workers like to have ultra-comfortable home office furniture, including a computer chair and office desk, considering that you might be at your office desk at home for eight or more hours each day. A dedicated home office will give you the peace and quiet to work without family interruptions in your home, giving you the time you need to spend building your online business.

At Flexi, we have lots of home office designs that are perfect for online marketers, from simple home office design ideas and budget conscious home office designs to unique and high end studies and home offices. Whatever you need, Flexi home office and office storage space designs can give you the perfect office space at home.

So start thinking about how much office storage space you need for your office at home and for your home business. For example, if you hold an inventory at home you can even have shelving, drawers and other display cabinets included in your home office designs.

There is also the opportunity to have a seating area for customers or sales reps as well, if this is something that would be useful for your business. On the other hand, you can have a combination business office and study, so that the kids can use the same space to complete their home work after school.

If you have a couple of casual employees who come in for a few days a week, then you can have multiple computer desks fitted into your office, all of which are custom built to give you a professional, functional and good looking office space.

Home office designs are not just a desk, chair and a few shelves. Today, most professional online marketers want an office space that is comfortable and where they don’t mind spending each day, building their customer base and promoting their business online.

So if you are still struggling with an inadequate office space at home, maybe it is time to bite the bullet and invest in a brand new home office for your business.

To discuss your home office designs with one of our master designers, call us on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will make a time to visit you at home.